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    An old Russian card depicting "The Snow Child" which was the inspiration photo for this piece.


    I love taking an inspiration photo, a special memory, or a favorite color scheme to create an heirloom handwoven piece. It all starts with an idea, and then I create a custom design that captures the inspiration in textile form. 

    Looking at the back of a loom at the warp in white, blue, purple, and sparkle threads


    I take the design mock-up and select factory dyed yarn or I will hand dye yarn to fit the color design. The yarn is then measured and wound onto the loom to create a custom warp.

    A blue and white pinstriped piece of fabric with the book "The Snow Child" and tatted snowflakes.

    Final product

    A weft color is chosen and oftentimes also hand dyed to match the warp. A weaving pattern is chosen to fit with the inspiration theme. The warp design is then woven and finished into the final product. 

    Interested in a custom order?

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    Custom orders are available for towels, blankets, scarves, yardage, and other handwoven products. 

     I am not currently offering handwoven baby wraps or ring slings. 

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