About Us

The Guynes family selfie (6 people) with the Seattle space needle in the background.

Meet the Weaver

Welcome to Whisper Wovens, LLC! My name is Beth Guynes and I operate an in-home weaving studio. I am a work at home mom with 4 amazing kids. In addition to weaving I enjoy spending time with my husband and my family, playing cooperative board games, running, hiking, bird watching, and getting lost in a good book!

A collage called healing wounds of 4 photos, a pink, green, blue, purple wrap wrapping a newborn


My passion is transforming special memories, inspirational photos, or favorite color schemes into heirloom textiles. Custom orders are available for blankets, towels, table runners, scarves, shawls and more. 

Rainbow stripes on a black and white pinstriped fabric


In 2013 I opened an in-home weaving studio and started the company Whisper Wovens LLC. I began creating handwoven fabric, baby wraps and sewing ring slings. Creating Whisper Wovens LLC has allowed me to combine three of my passions: weaving, sewing, and babywearing. I love creating wearable art that also serves the vital function of keeping our children close during the all-too-fleeting time when they are small enough to be carried. I wore all four of my kids in ring slings and wraps from birth and have such special memories of those times together. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more information my baby wraps, baby ring slings, towels, scarves, blankets and shawls as they become available for sale!  

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